"... the web user has become much more savvy and expects more from their web experience."


Not too long ago when most people thought of web development or web design they pictured simple informational web sites done in basic HTML. However, the web user has become much more savvy and expects more from their web experience. Web development extends well beyond the visual design. In fact, web development is a necessity to drive the majority of mobile and desktop applications. Commonly data for applications will be stored online to be available across multiple platforms. This enables web, desktop, mobile and even Internet TVs to share data.

Stevens Interactive makes use of every available web technology. From tying into accessible web feeds and existing online image hosting services to complete from-scratch development for custom content management. Our goal is to define your needs and find the most efficient solution to get your content to market faster and at the lowest cost.

Puppies Behind Bars

Puppies Behind Bars needed a web presence that would convey the incredible work they are doing training explosive detection canines and therapy dogs to help our soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. There were several sections of their website that required updating frequently and others that will remain static. Additionally, Puppies Behind Bars owns several compelling videos that would need to be easily accessible.

We decided to build a custom content management system (cms) that included tools to modify several sections of content while leaving other sections as static HTML. This allowed us to allocate more resources toward other features that would have otherwise been wasted on creating cms features that never get used. One of these features was the rotating video player. This player allows us to blend an unlimited number of both linked images and video content in a player that cycles through the media inventory on a continuous loop.

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Real Seal

Black Egg Syndicate selected Stevens Interactive to collaborate on the Real Seal website. The challenge for creating the Real Seal site was to create a Flash based website that was both functional and graphically dynamic. Combining graphics created by both companies and coding done by Stevens Interactive, we developed a functional site that is both eye-catching and browser friendly.

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Beautiful Day Pet Pain Management

Using original photography and clean graphics we were able to create a user friendly web presence for Beautiful Day Pet Pain Management. Utilizing Google Picasa to manage photographs, we implemented a custom photo widget to display images on their site. Because Picasa is free, there was no need to build an expensive image management system on the back end. This considerable savings allows Beautiful Day Pet Pain Management to spend more on what really counts, making our pets more comfortable when they need it most.

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Yoga Studio 3578

This independent Yoga Studio needed a web presence that delivered on the feel of the Yoga lifestyle. Calm and serene in some sections and full of energy in others. Stevens Interactive used CSS to create several themes for different sections of the web site. Changing out backgrounds for the main content area as well as the navigation along with pictures and graphical type, this site changes personality seamlessly without confusing the user.

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North Carolina Education Lottery

Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 5, Powerball® and Mega Millions® are all exciting lottery games. Unfortunately, many of us are not sure how to play them. The North Carolina Education Lottery selected Stevens Interactive to create a series of interactive game demos to help people understand how each game works.

All five demos start with an overview and walk you step-by-step through marking a play slip by explaining each option available for each game and progress through the drawing, displaying the drawn numbers and your completed ticket, and on to the payout tables. Each scenario is explained so you are not left in the dark as to how you either won or lost.

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Rapid Crane Services and Equipment

This company specializes in servicing, buying, refurbishing and selling heavy-duty equipment and parts. With a small staff, Rapid Crane Services Equipment needed a wider reach to make their inventory more available. Stevens Interactive created a hybrid CMS and static page site to allow the staff to manage the inventory on the website. Additionally, we implemented the cost saving measure of housing all images on Google Picasa and pulling each image in to a custom slideshow widget. This enables the management of images to be done on Googles free image hosting site.

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ISA selected Stevens Interactive to create an animated teaser for their annual expo. By implementing traditional video production techniques we were able to move several pieces of the animation forward in concert to meet the aggressive timeline. The finished product implemented traditional 2D Cel Animation Techniques married to an original score to produce a finely tuned production.

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