"The iPhone set in motion the reality that you can get any information you want where and when you want it."


Since the introduction of the iPhone on January 9, 2007 the mobile market has been clamoring for content. But it is not just iPhone users. The iPhone set in motion the reality that you can get any information you want where and when you want it. Because of this trend all mobile users expect the same experience whether using an iOS device, Android, Blackberry, Nokia or any device that connects to a network.

Certainly the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) are the most mature in this market space. However, the market share of Android can't be ignored. Even though the Android platform is widely fragmented, the end user doesn't know their phone is different from any other when it comes to content retrieval.

Even though these devices are amazing with what they can achieve, it is where their limits exist that defines the platform. Not all of your web content is suitable for the mobile space. You need to define the most important information to your mobile user. Otherwise, the speed at which users are used to consuming small bits of information becomes slow and tedious, ruining the mobile experience.

We target the lowest common denominator when developing for the mobile web to ensure the proper delivery of the most important web content to your mobile audience. Any functionality that needs to exist beyond what can be done on the mobile web deserves its own app.


This iPhone app was developed as a proof of concept and a complimentary application to the Vantera GUI development. Vantera is a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instrument designed for advanced blood testing. This functional GUI prototype was created to be a mobile application for remotely monitoring and maintaining the instrument.

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National Geographic Channel International

Mobile games have evolved rapidly in the past 2 years. When we were approached by National Geographic Channel International to produce a series of games targeted at the international mobile market we knew it was a huge task. At the time the international mobile market was dominated by Nokia handsets (The iPhone had not taken hold worldwide at this point).

Targeting Nokia's platform was the easy part as the majority of their hand sets supported FlashLite as a stand alone application. The challenge was to reach as many of Nokia's handsets as possible. With over 50 different configurations using different versions of FlashLite, different screen resolutions, different memory capacities, different color depths as well as a host of other features, we had to be mindful of the game style as well as the production of each asset going into the game.

The result was 12 games produced over the course of 10 months that were tuned to perform across the majority of Flash Lite enabled handsets from Nokia and other manufacturers that support FlashLite as a stand alone app.

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Beautiful Day Pet Pain Management

Designed as an iPhone only companion site, this mobile web application gives clients and prospective clients of Beautiful Day Pet Pain Management a quick and easy way to contact Dr. Lara K. Day to schedule appointments or discuss treatment directly from their iPhone.

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