"Games are incredibly effective teaching tools and very persuasive when used to reinforce a brand identity."


Stevens Interactive has over 15 years of game development experience starting in the mid 1990's when most games were developed for the wide reaching Windows PC market. Our team has experience working with several high profile companies such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Hasbro Interactive (acquired by Infogrames/Atari), Mattel Media (acquired by THQ), Games Workshop and many more.

A "game" can have a completely different meaning depending on who you talk to. Some people think Casual Games, others think Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). The fact is that games can be used in a variety of ways. Games are incredibly effective teaching tools and very persuasive when used to reinforce a brand identity.

However, building a game is no small feat. Similar to a physical structure you must have all of your foundation in place before building on top of it. Otherwise, your whole project can collapse. We take great pride in our work flow and process management to ensure we have a clear roadmap for the development of each project we select. Then we assemble a team of specialists that do their job well. Game designers, Graphic Artists, Game Developers, UI Developers, Transactional Developers, Quality Assurance and Project Managers all have unique skills and are assigned to complete tasks in their area of expertise.

National Geographic Channel

Mobile games have evolved rapidly in the past 2 years. When we were approached by National Geographic Channel International to produce a series of games targeted at the international mobile market we knew it was a huge task. At the time the international mobile market was dominated by Nokia handsets (The iPhone had not taken hold worldwide at this point).

Targeting Nokia's platform was the easy part as the majority of their hand sets supported FlashLite as a stand alone application. The challenge was to reach as many of Nokia's handsets as possible. With over 50 different configurations using different versions of FlashLite, different screen resolutions, different memory capacities, different color depths as well as a host of other features, we had to be mindful of the game style as well as the production of each asset going into the game.

The result was 12 games produced over the course of 10 months that were tuned to perform across the majority of Flash Lite enabled handsets from Nokia and other manufacturers that support FlashLite as a stand alone app.

Additionally, Stevens Interactive built in the capability to compile each of the 12 games for web distribution. By building this into the process early in production it added very little extra work porting these games for an online presence.

10 Screens

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